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We still haven’t even gotten past the 19th century yet around here. 

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I think it is important but I also think it’s important and necessary to show women for who they are which is also venerable and emotional and mad. Instead of just showing women who are like ‘I work I have kids I can do everything’ I feel like that’s a bad representation, it can be done but not without enormous levels of stress, so I think that’s more important than showing ballsy women. - Billie Piper

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 ”Your Grace, if you are dead —” 

"— you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt."

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we went on a field trip to the zoo last week

We are all Josh Hutcherson

The HunTer Games and Catching fireS tho

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Sherlock graphics- 34/∞

There’s an east wind coming all the same, such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it’s God’s own wind none the less and a cleaner, better stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.


Game of Thrones: 2.02 - The Lion and the Rose

There is only one hell, princess. The one we live in now.”


Melisandre has seen true horrors, for there is no hell worse than an awkward Baratheon family dinner.